Who we Are

A real estate company providing personal concierge services, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are proud to provide the highest level of discretion and attention to detail. The foundation of our success stems from a comprehensive training, dedicated support, hand-made technology and an outstanding reputation with a proven track record.

What we do

We provide customized real estate services for our clients with an exclusive portfolio of unique properties and tailor-made services for business and vacation starting in Rio de Janeiro.


Change the way people connect globally, through a reliable technology and dynamic network that hosts and supports traveling, exploring, learning and doing global business.


Bring innovation to the real estate market, providing our global members with unforgettable living experiences in top destinations, performing in a sustainable and ethical way where trust is the core.

Why choose us

 Global Team

Our multicultural team is always ready to help our clients in their own language to provide best communication and cultural understanding.

 Expert Team

Our business is made by specialized teams that keep an updated knowledge to be expert in different areas such as Sales, Rentals, Travel Advisor, Concierge, Lifestyle Management and Maintenance

  Concierge On-Call

As the essence of our Concierge Service, we work with a Lifestyle Management concept in order to please our customers with services for their day-to-day, unusual or emergency requests.

 Selective Properties Portfolio

All our properties are selected by strict criteria, including periodic inspections in order to ensure the quality and preservation of the property.

 Taylor Made Services

Our Concierge Team works at disposal of our customers to attend any request, from regular to unusual demands.

 Committed to Quality

We are committed to continuously improving our products, services and processes to meet and exceed our customer's requirements and quality standards by integrating our vision into our daily work.