Rio Carnival 2019

Although Carnival is celebrated all around Brazil and in other catholic countries, Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the Carnival Capital of the world, and the Carnival is defined as “The biggest show on Earth”. Going once definitely is an invitation to come back every year. This is a 4 day celebration, from Saturday to Tuesday, and Rio’s main event. Carnival Sunday is always seven weeks before Easter Sunday, so dates change every year. Though some people celebrate it during the whole week, sometimes even the whole month. The well-known Samba Parade is Carnival’s main attraction. The Sambodromo is Rio’s Carnival temple, and The Samba Parade is something everybody has to experience at least once in life.

Besides the Sambódromo, the Carnival offers a lot of other events, mainly the street parades, with a mixture of dancing, singing and partying all day long befere, during and after Carnival official dates.

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